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How to run an IPPA event

Guidance on                                            

Running an I.P.P.A. Competition





The intention of this guidance is to provide a single reference document for Committees running Pitch & Putt competitions under the umbrella of I.P.P.A.

It is a reduced and adapted copy of the R&A publication “Guidance on running a Competition” (available for reference online at www.randa.org)

Golf, thus Pitch & Putt, is essentially a self-regulating game. The players are responsible for knowing the Rules and are expected to apply them correctly. However, at times golf can be a complex game and competitions need to be run

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Coming Events
IWC 2016
IPPA World Cup 2016
September 22-24
St. Andrews - Scotland
Old Events
Events 2015
San Marino International Open
April 17 - 19, Rimini Italy
International Challenge Pitch&Putt
15 - 16 May Reggia di Caserta, Italia
2nd Open Pitch&Putt Czech Republic
19 - 21 June Prague City Golf - Golf Zbraslav

Portugal Open
July 24 - 26, Rilhadas (Guimaraes) Portugal



French Open
September 11 - 13 La Vaucouleurs France


English Open
October 10 - 11 Lullingstone Park Golf Course
Chelsfield, Orpington, England

Italy International Open
October 23- 25 La Castelluccia, Roma, Italy
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